When it comes to preserving your child's smile for a lifetime,

Green Dental Medicine is there to deliver on that promise. Our GDM Jr experience has been tailored to give our young child a sense of confidence and fun with their oral health.  We have a focus of building good oral hygiene habits both with parents and their children which graduates to the child's independence and mastery of their oral health.  From their first dental exam and into adolescence, GDM Jr's team will strive to provide fun and positivity. Dr. Green and his staff focus their knowledge to act as educators for the family during the child's growth and development.  Our practice philosophy involves a medical approach to maintaining oral health.  By ensuring not only a stable oral environment, Dr Green will monitor the patency of your child's airway as grown occurs, dental arch development,  proper dental tooth spacing, stable occlusion (bite), and working to decrease cavity risk. 

Services include pediatric cleanings, fluoride, sealants, Nitrous Oxide "Laughing Gas," and restorative dentistry.  To enhance the dental experience for your child, Dr. Green has developed a close relationship with a number of Orthodontists in the area.